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Claudia Cuddy (middle)

Claudia Cuddy, author of Communicating with InDesign, earned two M.A. degrees at Rowan University and is a certified Editor in the Life Sciences. She has worked in professional health care publishing for 39 years as an editor and page layout designer. Her most recent book is a full-color, 1200-page book, Contemporary Nephrology Nursing. Cuddy taught elementary and middle school as well as college. At all levels, she worked with publications and publishing, whether it was yearbooks, school newsletters, magazines, or publication layout classes. Founder of the Rowan Word Nerds, Cuddy continues to be a word nerd to this day.

Kristine Houck (far right)

Kristine Houck holds a B.A. in biology from Drew University and an M.A. in writing from Rowan University. She is currently an editorial director for SLACK Incorporated. She currently works on newspapers, magazines, and a daily news website covering orthopedics, rheumatology, and orthotics and prosthetics. She is also certified as an Editor in the Life Sciences. Professor Houck brings her daily experiences to her students, as she has taught Publication Layout and Design at Rowan University for 17 years.

Christina Lynn (far left)

Christina Lynn earned an undergraduate degree in journalism from Rutgers University and a master's degree in public relations from Rowan University. Currently a Digital Content Strategist in the Admissions Department at Rowan University, she also teaches editing and publishing classes in the College of Communication and Creative Arts. She has freelanced for colleges and small businesses with publications and online writing projects and has extensive experience in public relations for nonprofits.

Nancy Reighn-Garron (second from left)

Professor Reighn-Garron holds a B.A. in journalism and an M.A. in public relations from Rowan University. She teaches Publication Layout and Design, Public Speaking, and Communication Theory, among other communication courses. As a freelance graphic designer, she recently designed graphics and charts for a nephrology nursing textbook and was a contributing author for Communicating with InDesign. Professor Reighn-Garron was formerly the art director for the Courier-Post and has experience with photography, production, advertising, and marketing, which complements her graphic design and journalism expertise.

Morgan Spade (second from right)

Professor Morgan Johnson Spade earned an M.A. in public relations from Rowan University in 2003. She has worked in both the government and nonprofit sectors and on a variety of freelance projects. She currently serves as marketing manager for Reinvestment Fund, a national nonprofit financial institution headquartered in Philadelphia. Professor Spade has taught Publication Layout and Design as well as Advanced Publication Layout for several years.